Ncomfortable x Talabun MC - Never

by Ncomfortable x Talabun MC

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Everyday people wear different masks when they socialize. The number of those masks is endless, let me give you some examples. A mask of a 'money hunter', a mask of a military man, a mask of a musician, a mask of a badman, a mask of a 'gyallis', a mask of a politician, a mask of a wise man and etc. Who are you when you stay alone? Look inside and try to find the answer...if you can.

Композиция получила название 'Never'. Каждый день мы одеваем маски: на работе, в школе, в университете, в ресторане, на улице, в музее, в машине, в фитнес-клубе, в кинотеатре, в супермаркете, в театре, на свидании, в семье...задавались ли Вы вопросом, а какой Вы настоящий? Загляните внутрь себя, может там найдется ответ?

artwork by Storm


Ncomfortable x Talabun MC - Never

nothing to lose, your hood is gully
life of a roadman, u think that's funny
where are ya mandem? who are ya gyaldem?
don’t wanna see dem, cos dem are ugly
u are a gunman, but u got no strally
u are a badman, but u ask your mummy
pockets are full, but u got no money
dogs wanna bark, but dem are puppies

i’m getting aggy, despise dem lies
i am dat animal, who catches mice
stick to your guns, no compromise
making dem moves man must think twice
put off your mask, put down your gun
no one got shook, it's time to run
u always walk with your head down
it's hard to live wearing a crown

never talk sh#*>, never speak gas
the message dem deliver is not wise
never use mic to spray your lies
don't open your mouth if u got no bars
never talk sh#*>, never speak gas
watch your tongue, don't sink in dem eyes
never use mic to spray your lies
cos everything u've said has its price

too many lies forget about heaven
the city of lies u’ve stuck forever
lies are inside spreading like venom
words can hurt more than weapon


released December 27, 2015



all rights reserved


Talabun MC & NOf!xt!OИ Moscow, Russia

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